Hi, my name is Mia, nice to meet you!

I Work with motivated White-Collar Professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owning  Financial Management Newbies! Spirits just like yours just getting started in the field of properly managing their income, that wants to build better wealth using financial management skills and other effective strategies to give a total 360 Cash Flow makeover.
Do you have a business or Profession that you are passionate about, but you don’t have the knowledge or time to create the financial success you desire?

No worries! I have created a group of like-minded people to help you grow your wealth strategy online. Everything is about you, your goals and what you want to do, I am only here to guide, support and equip you with tools to make you realize your potential and actively achieve them!

Our group will help you give life to your Huge Dream and promote your progress or actions to give you that boost you always were looking for. That feeling of accomplishment and "I am going in the right direction," that makes one feel secure and confident. Only the most dedicated and ready individuals are selected, so your support system will have individuals that have just as much passion as you to change their financial paths.

Stop doing things alone! Get out of your own way! Get the Boost you deserve and the support that actually cares about those struggles and sacrifices you have made to try and become Financially Free! We are here for you and your journey.




Looking for a real Change in your life?  Want to build a better future? Change your Financial Success Today!

Are you ready to make a revolution in your financial capacity?

Come along with me lets unanimously take the bold step towards this target. It entails a little step UP from your comfort zone to hit the target.

Are you a white-collar professional, a mega business owner or a beginner entrepreneur? You need a financial independence backbone otherwise you can’t get hold of any strong support during financial stagger or disaster. Financial management is the hub of every successful business and controls every bit of it. Kindly work with me today and watch the incredible turn around in your finance building as well your business progress. We offer services that make you stand out from competition, fix your budget and income, assist you in making exploits with your savings and maintain financial stability.

Most of all, our topnotch services and your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cash flow cake is an establishment found by a trained business enthusiast and a manager who is extremely passionate about financial management and exploits. She has been serving numerous clients since its establishment to build their businesses and income stability through exceptional business management and consultation, strategic planning, income improvement and lots more.

As the year runs by, a team of successful and expert entrepreneurs was formed. To make the mission boom and target reached, our conventional firm improved in all aspect to suit the dangling economy by providing our clients with all necessary amour to break financial barriers and hiccups.

It’s no new thing that cashflow cake has recorded a long list of financial conquerors and super business managers groomed in her arms. These set of persons started from the scratch and stepped up to greatness in no distant time. Some were white-collar workers yet Investments and savings made by these successful persons left a footstep in the sands of time. You could equally be one of them.

Want to know the secret? Courageously register and make a significant change in your financial life. Our team is certainly ready to lead you through. The core target of cash flow cake is to improve and maintain a consistent income in personal lifestyles, small and large business holdings as well improve their immunity to suppress financial havoc through special consultations and online educative financial classes. Cashflow cake means the incessant flow of desired income, it’s a lifestyle everyone strives to live, and it’s achievable.


Professional Bio

Mia is a mother of two children and no stranger to financial frustration, fear, instability and life struggle. She has endured and proven through various phases in her own life that Financial Wealth, Financial Freedom and Financial Independence is achievable with dedication and a zoomed to focus on Personal Finance foundations. Mia relies on her personal experience the most to coach individuals pressed for time, money and finance to success that leaves them wealthy results. There is nothing more important to her than making sure everyone who lives on this earth knows how to build a foundation which is desired, rewarding and beneficial to one's personal and professional efforts. It all starts with the Cake for Mia and her desire matches those of her clients.

Mia Jones holds a background in, Entrepreneurship, Cosmetology, Real estate, Customer services, Marketing, Business, and Communication. She has as well experience in other fields such as Faith-based institution Sunday school coordination and Leadership Activism for which she has led and inspired many other organizations that she holds close to her heart.

Her Passions are Business and Teaching. If you were to ask her,  business money and teaching are her indulging pleasures. She indulges, breathes and bathes in the world of business and has been certified In Life, Business and Financial Coaching through Womanly wealth Academy. She looks forward to working with high profile professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners like herself who see more to life than just getting by. She is inspired by the life of business and how it allows one to give back in so many ways than one. Working with Mia you will gain a perspective on life that will make you never want to lose her as a friend, mentor, and coach. She leaves impacts that last for lifetimes.