It is Time To Create A Revolution In Your Financial Capacity

Come along with me lets unanimously take the bold step towards this target. It entails a little step Up from your comfort zone to hit the target.


  • You must have a consistent business or Professional income generation source no matter how small.
  • One must spare some time at least 1hr in every 24 hours to delve into our financial exploitation.
  • Interested person should make at least 50% installment of the total charge.
  • Registration is the first step after certifying your interest.
  • Registered members should implement the necessary learning aids to foster efficient and swift learning.
  • Participants must possess the spirit of sportsmanship for cases of unforeseen contingencies.
  • Participation is strictly for the focused individual who sees life through the same lens with me and is not ready to quit in little rough times.

Expect The Following:

      • 6 Months you and I sessions designed to get your finances on track and wealth creation.
      • The finance basics- Cash flow cakes nine weeks video session course.
      • Dream large Event vision board workshop.
      • Cash flow cake apparel-Free voucher to keep you motivated in style.
      • Cash flow wealth builders.
      • Exclusive facebook group for smooth interaction with wealth builders, make like-minded friends, share your strength and weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well gain a solid support circle for unforeseen contingencies.
      • Exclusive support slack Access-Where I attend to your individual financial questions aside webinars.
      • Cash flow cake workbook for easy assessment, clarity, and step by step progress through this program.
      • The Cashflow cake finance dashboard system-Meant for easy digital monitoring of updates as well track your wealth building success.
      • Cash flow cakes many educative E-books to maintain you in the limelight.
      • Getting started with excel worksheet and checklist for flexibility and fund management.
      • 10% discount on ongoing monthly support for the six months duration. You can always top up some months after the designated six months to continue your journey.

                      What are you waiting for? Your financial wealth is waiting for you. It’s time to build your Cash Flow Cake and Eat it too

How do you know this package is right for you ?


  • Over the years, you have been revolving in a vicious circle of poverty, and you make weightless financial plans and fail.
  • You put in virtually the last drop of your blood in business pursuit and collar jobs yet nothing to show for it.
  •  You are a financially struggling entrepreneur and needs expert assistance in finance management and allocations.
  • In fact, if you struggle for money, don’t think of missing this package for anything.

How do you know if you are a Qualified Client?

If you are ready and eager to learn new management skills, you are qualified.

If you are smartly responsive,

If you have the passion for bringing a significant change to your business, you are eligible.

When you aim at maintaining constant cash flow, you just arrived at the perfect platform.

If you are coachable and ready to make a necessary financial investment for more significant income, you are good to work with me.

In all, if you have a team spirit, we can work it out to greatness.

The Benefits you Take Away:

  • An amazing income generation to aid leverage other financial hiccups.
  • A gradual build-up of a risk-loving mind to stand any financial stagger as well take extraordinary steps in wealth creation.
  • Assist you in building the instinct to locate and identify business opportunities.
  • Helps you to understand the tips of business rebranding and financial management.
  • it helps you maintains an incessant flow of income for you.
  • Most of all, it’ll assist you in achieving your long-term economic projects.

Ready to start? Please fill out the form below and join me on this adventure!

                                                   See you on the other side!


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